Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I met a Sheikh

So, today we had a bunch of business meetings and I was invited to present to the Board of Directors for our JV in Saudi Arabia. Our JV partner there is a Sheikh. Whenever I go to our offices in Jeddah, I always use his office. But he's never been in the office at the same time as me. So, in all these years we've never met.

What's a Sheikh like? Pretty nice and down to earth actually. I'm not sure what he's Sheikh of though. Not exactly sure how that works in Saudi. Does he have a little Sheikhdom in Saudi Arabia or is it just a title? He's from a pretty influential family and he has a lot of interactions with the royal family there, but I'm pretty sure that Sheikh's are not rulers in Saudi Arabia the way they are here in the Emirates.

Hmm, something to google.


Victoria said...

Very cool! I just found out I might be doing a 2-week fellowship in the Middle East. The opportunity just sort of fell in my lap. It's for conservation professionals and we would go to Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. I have never been to that part of the world. Have you traveled to those countries specifically, by any chance? And I keep meaning to ask you, how long are you going to be over there?

Ms Jewl said...

Vicky - I'm going to Jordan in about 3 weeks. Very excited. REALLY want to go to Lebanon and am disappointed that I haven't had a chance to get there. You will love it! Beautiful countries.